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Episode Two: The Blue Clothespeg

Welcome to episode two of the Twitching Curtain. This episode mainly focuses on inclusivity. In the aftermath of controversies such as “gamer gate” and “consultant gate”, and recent moves by mainstream publishers to reflect greater diversity in their games, how can we attract under-represented groups into our wonderful hobby? We talk about best practice from a number of conventions, especially the UK’s Nine World’s Geekfest, and explore how we can all make our spaces safer and more welcoming for everyone.

Length: 79 minutes.

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Participants in this episode

  • Alex Gwilt-Cox
  • Anita Murray
  • Cat Tobin (Twitter: @CatTHM)
  • James Graham (Twitter: @JamesGraham)
  • Joanna Piancastelli


See episode zero.


  • Part One – Catch Up (00:00:00)
  • Part Two – Inclusivity (00:17:35)

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