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Episode One: A Baptism of Architecture

In retrospect, numbering our first episode “zero” wasn’t the best idea. 🙂

This, then is episode one – our second episode of the Twitching Curtain. In this episode our panels recommend the best games for people new to story gaming, discuss Knutpunkt 2014 and its impact on the UK LARP scene and talk about London Indiemeet’s recent “Playstorm”.

Length: 60 minutes.

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See episode zero.

Part One – Catch Up (00:00:00)

Part Two – Games For Newcomers (00:10:30)

F Free

P Pay What You Want

Many of these games can be purchased from the publishers themselves and/or the following places:

Other references:

Part Three – Knutpunkt and Progressive Larp (00:32:40)

Part Four – Playstorm (00:48:40)

We’ll include links to any finished games from the Playstorm as we have them.

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